As a Woman outs Doctors.


She explains herself and gets sympathy from her sheeple.
Hidden behind prayer & goodness, this woman posts Abortion Doctors names publicly.

She claims she gets hate mail from strangers that she’s in danger (?) that is what her title implies doesn’t it?
Lets see what kind of response the ousted Doctors get from the pro fetal worshipers.
She does ask that no one contacts them, (I think the woman knows how to protect herself from liability).
And She is so important that no doubt everyone will respect her wishes.
No; lets face it she has an agenda and she intents to fulfill it, perhaps like George W when God told him to go to Iraq?

Stranger Danger|Abby Johnson.

Thanks Mia you always find the stories 🙂

The Last Good Day of the Year (via Visual Matter)


Originally posted by Mia this is an excellent song and video, song in particular, I love it and the lyrics, thanks Mia!

Video of the UK Group Cousteau. See Liam McKahey's My Space page for some new music. more about "The Last Good Day of the Year", posted with vodpod Don't tell me that you get sick of living  when the summer's so forgiving  although we have stolen  all of the things that we though  we had owned then  have disappeared    all these things in flavour  won't do you … Read More

via Visual Matter